our story

Matt Buck has been deeply involved with the South African Community radio sector since its outset in the early 90's.


After initially working as a technical consultant and trainer with the country's first Community Radio training workshops (FES/IAJ), Matt then went on to design and build South Africa’s first Community Stations including Bush Radio, Radio Zibonele, ALEX FM, CDC and Soweto Community Radio.


Since those early days, Matt and his team have gone on to complete installations at more than 200 radio stations in 26 African Countries.

Matt has researched and written numerous technical studies and has also completed FM survey mapping for various transmission networks.

our vision

Buck Broadcast aims to provide our African client base with the very best in high-quality, reliable, scalable and affordable technical solutions.

We are a service based company and understand the value of developing trusted ongoing relationships with our clients.


Aiming to be more than just another equipment supplier, our services include technical consultation, broadcast studies, training and service level agreements. Avoiding a generic approach, we provide a unique design to each of our clients that reflect the colour, feel and aspirations of the project.

Let us share more than two decades of practical experience with you to ensure your projects objectives are met.

our tech

Drawing upon a vast range of equipment brands and types, we can provide the most appropriate technical solution to suit your needs.


Community or Commercial - Rural or Urban - we can supply you with a technical design that works and stays working.


Analog, Digital, IP, FM or DAB we have all the angles covered.

While we strive to keep abreast of technological development,  we also have years of practical experience of tried and trusted technology suited to your budget, application and environment.

Let us help you to make the correct and informed technical choices that will ensure  hassle free operation for the years to come. 


acoustic design

we manufacture a variety of customized acoustic products and provide installation 


Working hard to create user friendly and reliable solutions using both analog and digital technologies, 
we select equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and are not tied to a restricted supplier base. That said, some of our preferred brands are listed below:


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